DELPHIC ART MOVIE AWARD   short presentation

Made in China - Winner 2011 Nominated 2011 - Symphony from the Attic - Director Laszlo Krisko, Hungary Nominated 2011: JAMES TURRELL - SKY SPACE by Ralph Goertz Winner 2011: FOR GODS ONLY by Hannes Schmid Winner 2011: Menari - Sound of Korea Nominated 2011: Diplo by Wing-Yee Wu

Statement by the Initiator

"We advertise for further support in one of the important tasks of our time for securing peace, the promoting of the development of a consciousness that sees humanity as a cultural community with shared human values, whose wealth and source of renewal is the diversity of cultures.

Cultural diversity is one of the most valuable results of human existence. It is an inexhaustible source of innovations and advancements.
Art, the most impressive manifestation of culture, has always furthered mutual understanding and respect across all borders.

Driven by this insights the Delphic Art Movie Award is dedicated to short documentaries from around the world related to the topics of art and cultures which represent the wide range of artistic creativity, cultural diversity and extend the idea of the documentary art form."

Thomas Tyllack, Initiator & Director of the Delphic Art Movie Award

Logo of the Delphic Art Movie Award