DELPHIC ART MOVIE AWARD   short presentation

The Delphic Art Movie Award in a brief summary

The winners of the Delphic Art Movie Awards will be chosen in a worldwide contest among professionals and students of filmmaking. For the first time the competition took place in 2011.
Welcome are short documentaries about the fascination of arts and cultures with a duration between 9 and 10 minutes. This includes also abstracts of full-length documentaries.

The motto of the competition is: Discover, understand, enjoy the arts and cultures through documentaries. Show the fascination of art!

The contest for the Delphic Art Movie Award is looking for the most impressive short documentary films which cover the subjects art and culture. The films should discover, inform and inspire. In addition, the films should be able to get a large audience, which isn't informed over-average, enthusiastic about art and culture in their manifold manifestations.

Two aspects are equally important - contemporary art and its protagonists and the preservation of cultural heritage.

Important questions are:

What makes art fascinating?
How can enthusiasm for art be conveyed to an uninvolved audience?
How can the understanding of contemporary art be encouraged?
In which way is cultural heritage preserved and passed on?

We want to inspire emerging and established film-makers to participate in the contest, to present the wide range of artistic creativity. Our mission is to reach a broad audience, raise public awareness, knowledge and appreciation of arts and cultures and promoting friendship and cooperation among people from all over the world. We want to build a network that brings together protagonists of arts and cultures embodies innovation and fosters public dialogue and exchange of ideas.

An international nomination jury choose documentaries from the entries as nominees for the awards. The nominated films will be shown during the final competition week in representative venues starting with a press conference, preview and reception.
An international contest jury will choose the prize winners during the final competition week. Beside the evaluations by the jury an evaluation by the public audience take place.
The jury selects the winners of the Delphic Art Movie Award. Additional Prizes can be given by the host city and other main partners. The awarding of the prize winners take place at the award gala ceremony on Saturday evening of the competition week.

In March 2011, the host of the first award ceremony was the International Delphic Council. The price winners of the first Delphic Art Movie Award were awarded at the Palais am Funkturm in Berlin.

136 Documentaries from 42 countries were accepted for the final round of the film contest.

Out of 24 Nominees the jury elected 8 Prize Winners.